Monday, March 22, 2010


Firestorm Pro Wrestling crowned its first “King of Cleveland” on March 19.

1. “Ruthless” Rufio Rapier pinned Broza of Club DB
- swanton bomb

2. Lou Marconi pinned Shiima Xion to earn the No. 30 spot in the King of Cleveland match
- O’Connor roll

3. Firestorm tag team champs Club DB (CJ and Justin) beat The Aftermath and his debuting brother, Ares, in a non-title match
- feet on the ropes

4. “Kegstand” Patrick Hayes beat “The Frontman” Logan Shulo
- "Hayesed and Confused" frog splash

Machine Gun Kelly hosted his first live “Shootout” talk show, welcoming Firestorm Pro Wresting champion “Big League” John McChesney. The champ gave gifts to Kelly and the members of Team Big League, while talking about how he would beat Ray Rowe and send him out of Cleveland forever.

5. Sassy Stephanie pinned Angel Dust
- rollup

6. KING of CLEVELAND – Special referee: Firestorm co-owner Waylon of the band Mushroom Head

Order of Entry

1. Justin of Club DB
2. Scott Prodigy
3. Ryan Burke
4. Brosa of Club DB
5. CJ of Club DB
6. Ares
7. Jebediah McCoy
8. The Aftermath
9. Jesse Burke
10. Patrick Hayes
11. Sassy Stephanie (Queen of Cleveland?)
12. Shawn Blaze
13. Rufio Rapier
14. J-Rocc
15. Marcus Knight
16. Nikki Valentino (injured, continued commentating)
17. Tim Greene
18. El Hijo del Padre
19. Shane Taylor
20. Jacob McCoy
21. Shiima Xion
22. Handsome Frank Stalletto
23. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross
24. Ivan Radsky
25. Snakeman Deven Michaels (who cleared the ring with his snake after he was eliminated)
26. Matthew Justice
27. Moondog Scrap
28. Logan Shulo
29. “Omega” Aaron Draven
30. Lou Marconi

The Final Four was an elimination match with Xion, Marconi, J-Rocc, and Hayes.
- Xion pinned Marconi (pulling the trunks)
- Hayes pinned Xion (Pick-Me-Up – fireman’s carry into double knee strike)

Hayes and J-Rocc battled outside when a fan in a Mushroom Head mask threw powder into Hayes’ eyes. He unmasked to reveal “TheeStar” PJ Kinney. J-Rocc hit the One-Hitter Quitter for the victory, which Waylon reluctantly counted.

J-ROCC is the King of Cleveland!

7. In a steel cage match, John McChesney pinned Ray Rowe to retain the Firestorm title and force Rowe to leave town
- Death Rowe (Ray’s own finisher), then Superkick

Rowe thanked the fans and his fiancée Samantha Anne, and said they were moving to Texas to live their dreams and start a family.

The fans chanted “THANK YOU RAY!” Firestorm co-owner JC said this chapter of Firestorm’s history (The Chapter of Rowe) is finished. The first was The Chapter of The Deviant (Michael Hutter, now in FCW as Derrick Bateman). What will unfold in the next chapter of Firestorm Pro Wrestling?

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