Thursday, July 1, 2010

Results from Rise Of the Real Underground 2010

Firestorm Pro Wrestling presented “Rise of the Real Underground 2010” at the Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood, Ohio, on June 25.

A – In a dark match, “Gifted” Gabriel Evans pinned Jacob McCoy after a spinebuster.

1 – El Hijo del Padre pinned Ivan Radsky with La Majistral cradle.

“Machine Gun” Kelly came out (to a video of him smoking, scarfing down food, and chugging chocolate milk) to host The Shootout. He crowned J-Rocc as the King of Cleveland after his win on March 19. Team Big League came out to join the celebration, although Shane Taylor was reluctant to place the crown on J-Rocc’s head.

This party was interrupted by the Metal Militia (Matthew Justice & Nikki Valentino), who challenged J-Rocc and Taylor to match later in the night.

2 – Tim Green upset Lou Marconi with a rollup after Shiima Xion sprayed Marconi in the eyes with hairspray.

3 – Firestorm tag team champions Club DB (Justin and CJ, with Brosa) defeated The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall) to retain the titles after a belt shot.

Ruthless Rufio Rapier came out for a four-corners match, but “Starless” PJ Kinney blasted him with a chair. Officials helped Rufio to the back.

4 – Shiima Xion won a four-corners match over The Aftermath, Jason Gory, and “Omega” Aaron Draven (subbing for Rufio). Xion scored the pin with a Romero Special (surfboard) into a victory roll.

5 – Metal Militia upset J-Rocc and Shane Taylor, scoring a pin after the opponents collided. J-Rocc blamed Taylor for the loss, and the two nearly came to blows until “Big League” John McChesney came out to calm things down.

Marconi came out with Firestorm co-owner JC and forced him to sign a Marconi vs. Xion in a Last Man Standing match at Something to Die For 2010 on Friday, Sept. 10 at the Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood, Ohio.

6. “Kegstand” Patrick Hayes pinned PJ Kinney in a Cleveland street fight after Rufio got revenge on Kinney, leading to Hayes winning with a “Hayesed and Confused” frog splash off the top rope.

7. In the main event, Firestorm champ “Big League” John McChesney (with Collin Ta This, Sassy Stephanie, and Shane Taylor) pinned Matt Cross to retain the title. Steph planted a HUGE kiss on referee Nate Pierce, allowing the champ to score the win with a title belt shot.

After the match, Cross knocked McChesney down and placed a birthday cake on his chest. Then Cross hit a 450 splash off the top, destroying the cake to end the show.

Veteran Roller Derby announcer JW Stafford joined Machine Gun Kelly and Jeff Gorman on commentary.

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